Survival Mode

Welcome to survival mode where the children play and they run around the house like everyday. Sensory bins, Tantrums, Snacks overflowing and the party don’t stop til 1 in the morning. If you are anything like me you are bracing yourself for the extended Spring Break. Holding your breath with every closure/cancellation that you see. It’s time to buckle up because the kids are ready for survival of the fittest.

I have a 3 year old non-verbal son and an 18 month very verbal daughter. I’ve braved the home front before. I even had to do it alone for two months. I’m not an expert, but I became a pro at surviving the day and teaching my children at the same time. Only difference about this time period is…everything is pretty much closed. I’ve got a few tips and tricks to help you survive.

1.     Cater to your children—I know that seems weird, but please hear me out. I’m not saying use screen time the whole day because that’s what they want but cater to the child. Like I’ve already stated, I have a nonverbal 3 year old son. He loves EVERYTHING sensory related. Because I know his interests and desires, introducing an activity that he’d hate would be recipe for a disaster. He can learn and play with sensory activities. He can also learn how to clean up his sensory bin after he makes a mess. Choose your battles on this one.

2.     Be PREPARED—being prepared may mean waking up an hour early or staying up past bedtime to set up for the next day. Once the kids wake, its go time. Have breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas set so you don’t stress over what you’re going to eat. (I hate the question ‘What’s for dinner’) Have your activities prepped and prepared. Snacks invisible because they’ll ask you anyway.

3.     Know when to turn on the TV. Children get cabin fever just like adults. Make it fun! Build a fort. Pop some popcorn. Turn on the subtitles and make the “read”.

4.     Emphasize naps or quiet time. YOU NEED THE BREAK!

5.     Google is your friend. If you’ve run out of ideas to keep your children entertained, google. Something exciting will pop up. After Google, go outside.

I plan on homeschooling for the extended Spring Break so pray my strength. My kids are tiny littles so learning all day ain’t happening. What we have planned for the next two week is

·      Baking Cookies

·      Sensory Bins Here

·      Tracing Worksheets Here

·      Coloring Sheets Here

·      Q-Tip Painting Here

·      Bubbles. Bubble & More Bubbles

·      Dance Parties

·      Free Play

·      Water Beads Play Here

·      Build a Fort

·      Playdoh Fun

·      Life Skills (Getting Dressed and Potty Training)

·      Write letters to Family (It will most def be scribbles but they’ll enjoy it)

·      Make Tik Tok Videos

·      Shaving Cream Painting

·      Pre-Made Crafts from Dollar Tree

I’ll heavily be doing speech therapy with my son while using these activities. If you have any more fun cool ideas comment below. 


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